What is waterless beauty?

Waterless beauty lacks a formal definition. We’re taking the first step to shift the conversation from a trend topic to a new, recognizable standard. To our brands, it’s not a marketing term, it’s a mission. We are brands that have been shaping the waterless beauty category to be defined as “products in which there is little to no water present in the product itself, where the conventional product formulation contained a large percentage of water.” 


Why waterless?

It’s not only better for the planet- it’s better for you, too. Not only are you no longer paying for mostly water, you’re getting a product which has only what you need. When water is removed from a product, other ingredients can be reduced or eliminated completely, like preservatives (when safe) and additives such as stabilizing agents, which prevent liquids from separating when sitting on a shelf. With waterless beauty you’re getting concentrated and effective ingredients.


Why now?

As reported by Fashionista in a piece on waterless beauty, the UN has projected that by 2025 1.8 billion people will be living in countries with absolute water scarcity. “Day Zero” is already happening in regions we wouldn’t have imagined being monitored with water dashboards. However, we’ve seen the power of change. We realize that you can have even better products without the water. Now we want you to have the opportunity to see that, too. We envision 2020 as the year waterless goes mainstream. 


Meet the waterless beauty brands:

        🌑 OWA Haircare: Water-activated haircare.

        👄 Olio e Osso: Simple beauty for everyone.

       ✨ PiperWai: It works naturally.

       🌿Pinch of Color: Beauty with a cause.

       💫aN-hydra: Water-activated sustainable skin care.


Cheers to 2020, the year of waterless beauty!