The Concept


Have you ever wondered why water is listed as the first ingredient on your shampoo? Conditioner? Hair mask? Pomade?


Fact: Liquid shampoo is 80% water on average.


Kailey could not believe this and she began to research why most of our liquid hair care was made up of water. The answer? There wasn't one. Upon finding even a hair gel formulation made up at 95% water, Kailey challenged herself to develop a completely waterless shampoo. After 3 years from concept to launch, OWA released its first-of-a-kind, powder-to-foam shampoo. This is only the beginning for OWA. Stay tuned to experience the future of haircare.

About the Founder


Kailey’s internal passion for environmental sustainability started in her high school chemistry class where she formed "The Eco-Club" with some of her classmates. Her passion for clean chemistry grew stronger as she pursued her chemical engineering degree at RIT. Immediately after school, she joined an early stage business in LA and fell in love with the fast-paced world of startups. In her free time, she began experimenting with clean beauty formulations for fun. When she had the idea for OWA, she knew exactly what she had to do. If she could develop concentrated formulas that were clean, sustainable and perform better than their diluted counterparts, she would be onto something. And she was.


OWA released their first product, Moondust Collection: Hair Wash in June 2019.


There is much for to come for OWA and we hope you'll join us in our mission to #rethinktheroutine.