The Idea

Living an on-the-go lifestyle, I realized how inconvenient it is to travel with hair products. Plain and simple, there is nothing exciting about it. Buy small products last minute, squeeze them into a bag, get to your destination and find they leaked all over everything else. Every. Single. Time.

Think about it. When was the last time you purchased a hair product that enhanced your travel experience, was worth the price, and ultimately made you want to buy it again? I could not remember. In fact, I don’t think I ever had.

This is when the idea for a powder shampoo came to me. I started doing some research and learned that liquid shampoo is between 70% and 80% water on average. I realized I could address an even larger need by creating a travel-friendly AND environmentally sustainable shampoo. Why stop at shampoo? Or even conditioner? I shouldn’t have to compromise my beauty routine when I travel, or  when I want be environmentally conscious. Neither should you.

Kailey Bradt

Founder & CEO

The Founder

Kailey is constantly on the go. Whether work or fun, two days or two weeks, she only travels with her Away Bigger Carry-On. “I always felt like my travel skincare collection was part of my travel experience. I would take the opportunity to pack sample sized items to try- masks, moisturizers, face wash. My bag was full of clean, green beauty products for my skin and I loved it. What I realized was that I never looked forward to using my travel hair products. Why did I have to compromise my hair care regime?”

After some research Kailey found herself developing a new technology for a line of powdered hair products that would hydrate with water to form the ready-to-use products she loved. Most hair cleaning and conditioning products are made up of mainly water, and styling products, alcohols. She knew if she could develop formulas that were high quality and performed as well as, if not better, than traditional diluted hair products she would be on to something. Not only did this make sense for her travel bag, but for the environment as well.

Kailey had always been interested in the environment dating back to her involvement in the formation of the eco-club at her high school with classmates from her chemistry class. Green technology was a major factor in her decision to pursue chemical engineering and attend RIT. She had been working with a clean tech startup based out of Los Angeles when she had the idea for OWA. She decided to return to her alma mater and pursue her Masters Degree in product development to gain more insight into the world of business. “The first day of my entrepreneurship course was really eye opening. I didn’t fully understand what an entrepreneur was, but that day I knew I was one.” A few short months later in April 2017, Kailey won first place in the products category at the New York Business Plan Competition with her idea for OWA. Now she is on her way to bringing you “out of this world amazing” haircare.