Behind the Brand


Our Story


Encountering the inconvenience of traveling with numerous bottles of hair products, our founder sought out alternatives to conventional liquid haircare. When she researched what hair products were made up of, she was surprised to learn that they were mostly solvents. For example, shampoo is 80% water on average. Something needed to be done not only for our suitcases, but for our planet. Now exists OWA Haircare, a line of water-activated powdered hair products that work just like the liquid products you know & love.

About the Founder


If she could develop formulas that were sustainable and performed as well as, if not better than, traditional diluted hair products, she would be onto something. And she was.

Kailey’s interest in the science behind beauty at a young age. In high school, she thought she would pursue either interior design or photography as a career path. “I was never a great artist, but I knew being creative in my career was a requirement.” Taking her first chemistry class was when it clicked. She was inspired by the science behind everything from fireworks to food. Learning there was a way to apply her strengths of math and science creatively revealed new opportunities for her. From there she searched for universities that offered chemical engineering, yet presented a focus on design and sustainability. RIT it was.

Immediately upon graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to work at a clean-tech startup where she previously completed a co-op. The fast-pace and uncertainty the startup world had to offer fit her needs, however she lacked the ability to fully exercise her creativity. Less than a year into her post-college career, she had the idea for a powder shampoo. “I knew I had to give it everything, or I had to forget about it. And I couldn’t forget about it.” She packed everything she could fit into her car and drove across the country back to Rochester to obtain her MS and launch OWA. In June 2018, Kailey relocated to New York City to continue her mission to bring “out of this world amazing” haircare to you.

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