Encountering the inconvenience of traveling with numerous bottles of hair products, our founder sought out alternatives to conventional liquid haircare. When she researched what hair products were made up of, she was surprised to learn that they were mostly solvents. Discovering shampoo is 80% water on average shocked her. A deep-routed passion for environmental sustainability & an interest in clean beauty ultimately motivated her to pursue her idea for OWA.


The idea for a powder shampoo originated in the middle of 2016 when Kailey was packing for a trip, only bringing her carry-on bag as she usually did. This time packing was different though- she had an idea. While trying to squeeze all of her personal care products into a ziplock bag, she thought how easy it would be if all of her products were solids. She recognized her haircare products were taking up the most space & they were always the ones she ran out of first.

She decided to look into what hair products were made up of and started investigating some common formulations for shampoo. After seeing so many shampoo ingredient lists where water was the main ingredient, she simply googled, “how much of shampoo is water?” Immediately she read article after article that matched what her researched showed- shampoo was mostly water. “Mostly” being 80% on average.

Kailey’s internal motivation to take a career path that aligned with her passion for environmental sustainability started in her high school chemistry class. Pair that with her interest in clean beauty and pursuing a more environmentally aware lifestyle and she had found her dream career path. She knew if she could develop formulas that were sustainable and performed as well as, if not better than, traditional diluted hair products, she would be onto something. And she was.

After a couple of months of not being able to forget this idea, she packed up her car and drove away from Los Angeles back to the east coast to follow her dream. She returned to her alma mater, RIT, to pursue her Masters in Product Development and ultimately, OWA Haircare. With her previous degree in chemical engineering, she took this time to start formulating OWA’s Hair Wash. In June 2018, Kailey relocated toNew York City to continue building OWA.

After three years from concept to launch, OWA Haircare launched it’s first product, Moondust Collection: Hair Wash in June 2019.