We provide high quality, sustainable & convenient
haircare solutions for Planet Earth & beyond.  


Powder haircare that functions like liquid. We believe this is the future of haircare. It’s environmentally sustainable, it’s convenient, and there is no compromise on quality. It’s 2018. We can stop shipping bottles of water around the world now. 

Haircare inspired by the future.

The idea for OWA was pretty out of the box. It was so out of the box, it was out of this world- amazing. That's where the name for OWA came from.

On Planet Earth, we did not see hair product bottles full of liquid as a sustainable. We wanted to make a positive impact for the future of humans like you.

We are dreamers. We are inspired by what's to come. Where will we go? How will we get there? OWA's future? Be the first haircare on Mars.

Moondust Hair Wash. 

Landing in a shower near you soon. Here you can learn about the first of OWA’s products, Moondust Hair Wash. So, you’re probably wondering all about Hair Wash right? Have you seen a powder shampoo before? No, you haven’t. That’s because it didn’t exist. Now it does. Welcome to the future of haircare.

What is Hair Wash?

Well simply put, it’s a powder shampoo. We are calling it “Hair Wash” because it just made sense to us really. A lot of people would see our product and say, “Oh, it’s a dry shampoo.” We tried a few things. Dehydrated shampoo, powder shampoo, waterless shampoo- the problem? None of these really implied that the product functionally did any cleaning. Then, we were thinking, well wait a minute. We have face wash, body wash… why don’t we have hair wash. And thus, “Hair Wash” was named. Now, let’s talk about how to use it.

How do you use Hair Wash?

It starts the same.


We don’t want you to make any major changes to your hair washing experience. So, we made Hair Wash simple to use. Just like if you were going to use your liquid shampoo, start by wetting your hair.

Just add water.


Then, simply wet your hands. Just like if you’re about to wash your hands in the sink. You don’t need a pool of water. Wetting your hands before dispensing Hair Wash allows the product to activate quickly.

Sprinkle Hair Wash.

We say sprinkle and we mean it! Hair Wash is only what you need, so it’s a lot more concentrated than liquid shampoo. Rub it in your hands for a couple of seconds then…

Lather & lather some more.


Lift off! Put your hands to your head and lather. Yes! We said lather. It creates a velvety, sulfate-free lather. Our first users described it as “velvety.” We didn’t make it up. 

Rinse away.

Our easy-to-rinse formula leaves your hair out of this world amazing. It’s that simple. We told you we wouldn’t change your routine that much. Mission complete.

Shop stickers.

Moondust Hair Wash isn’t available yet, but our merch is pretty cool too. Think of it as a way for everyone to know how you got your amazing hair.


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