We’ve developed powders that hydrate with water to form the liquid products you know and love. We wanted to created something that was great for our hair and great for the planet.

What is Hair Wash? It’s simply a powder shampoo. We are calling it “Hair Wash” because it just made sense to us really. It’s not a dry shampoo. We tried a few names; dehydrated shampoo, powder shampoo, waterless shampoo. However, none of these implied that the product did any cleaning. Then, we thought, we have face wash, body wash… Hair Wash!

Our first users were surprised at how easy it was to use! Just like if you were going to use your liquid shampoo, start by wetting your hair. At this point, your hands should be wet too! Wet hands will allow Hair Wash to easily dispense into your hands and will activate the powder quickly.

Sprinkle Hair Wash across one hand. We say sprinkle because we mean it! Hair Wash is only what you need, so it’s a lot more concentrated than liquid shampoo. The first couple of times you may use too much or too little, but then you’ll get the hang of it. Think of when you get a haircut and need to figure out how much liquid shampoo to use- same concept! Then, rub the powder in your hands for a couple of seconds. There is no need to spend more time on this step than if you were using a liquid!

Swipe the hair wash through your hair. Then, start to build your lather. You may need to add more water to your hair. You will know when it activates because there will be lots of lather! Our first users described it as “velvety.” We didn’t make it up. Lastly, rinse. Our easy-to-rinse formula leaves your hair out of this world amazing. It’s that simple.