Greetings. We’re OWA.



Why we exist.

For you.

We’ve developed innovative haircare sourced from naturally-derived ingredients that maintain the quality and efficacy of salon-grade products.

Free of:

  • water
  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • silicones
  • artificial color & fragrance

For our planet.

We’ve factored in the entire product life cycle around the development of all our products. We aren’t just saving the water in the bottle

We consider:

  • ingredients
  • manufacturing
  • distribution
  • packaging
  • disposal

Where we started.

After learning liquid shampoo is 80% water on average, our founder felt the need to take action. What started as an inconvenience while packing turned into a sustainability mission to change the personal care industry. 

Read our story.

Where we are now.

After three years from concept to launch, we are so very excited to introduce you to Hair Wash. Hair Wash is a water-activated powder shampoo. We’re calling it “Hair Wash” because it just made sense to us really. It’s not a dry shampoo. We tried a few names over the years to identify the new product format; dehydrated shampoo, powder shampoo, waterless shampoo. None of these product names implied that the powder did any cleaning of the hair. After thinking about how simply face wash & body wash were named, Hair Wash is what we landed on!

Meet Hair Wash.