Liquid shampoo is 80% water.

Meet our powder-to-lather shampoos. Our patent-pending formulas are delivered without the water, giving you shampoo that lasts 4X the washes. Always clean, vegan & cruelty free.


Love Moondust. My hair looks and feels amazing. It is the best hair care product I have used in forever! Definitely changed my hair routine!

Sara R.

Game changer. Love this mystical little bottle! Get the lather I desire and works well through my thick hair. A little goes a long way!


I LOVE this hair wash! I was skeptical because my hair is so picky. I think this is my new favorite shampoo.

Jordan L.

I have very oily hair and for some reason nothing really ever feels like my hair is clean but the formula in this bottle is FANTASTIC. This is a NEED.


What a great product. It's perfect for washing my hair daily. I love the way it softens, and the environmental impact is minimal.

Mickey R.
Zoom Moondust Hair Wash
Zoom Moondust Hair Wash
Zoom Moondust Hair Wash
Zoom Moondust Hair Wash

Moondust Hair Wash


Liquid Shampoo Equivalent: 4 Standard Bottles

Experience a mild cleanse with this powder-to-lather shampoo made with clean, plant-based ingredients. Coconut-derived cleansing agents create a rich, creamy lather while rice protein and aloe vera add volume and moisture to hair. Naturally derived. Vegan. Cruelty free. Featured in InStyle, Vogue and Allure.


2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner


1 Hair Wash Bottle

equals 4 Bottles of Liquid Shampoo.