OWA Haircare Debuts Moondust Collection: Hair Wash The World’s First Water-Activated Powder Shampoo

OWA Haircare Debuts Moondust Collection: Hair Wash The World’s First Water-Activated Powder Shampoo


NEW YORK, NY – May 23, 2019 – OWA Haircare, Inc. today announced the launch of the world’s first water-activated powder shampoo, Moondust Collection: Hair Wash. Available for pre-order on May 28, Moondust Collection: Hair Wash is a powder shampoo that becomes a liquid when activated with water in your shower. OWA’s debut offering is part of the company’s mission to make the beauty industry a more sustainable place.

Moondust Collection: Hair Wash is this planet’s most innovative shampoo to-date. Conventional liquid shampoo is typically around 80% water. Moondust Collection: Hair Wash is 0% water. This product contains a unique blend of gentle cleansing agents activated by water that condition both the hair and scalp.

“Moondust Collection: Hair Wash is just the first phase in OWA’s mission to rethink your beauty routine. We want to change the industry standard for water being the first ingredient in most personal care products,” says Founder and CEO of OWA Haircare, Kailey Bradt.

Founded on the basis of both convenience and sustainability, OWA aims to deliver a line of water-activated alternatives to conventional products that work just like the liquid haircare you know and love. OWA has developed innovative solutions sourced from naturally-derived ingredients. Moondust Collection: Hair Wash maintains the quality and efficacy of salon-grade shampoo and is free of water, sulfates, parabens, silicones, and synthetic colors and fragrance.

“I want OWA to spark a new wave of innovation in the beauty industry that considers not only what’s in the bottle, but everything from where it’s sourced to how it’s delivered,” says Bradt. “In this way, we’re taking care of our bodies and our planet.”

Moondust Collection: Hair Wash  is available for purchase at https://owahaircare.com/product/moondust-collection-hair-wash/.


Meet the first water-activated haircare line: OWA Haircare’s line of naturally-derived powders hydrate with water in a matter of seconds to form the liquid products you know and love. Join us in rethinking your haircare routine at  https://owahaircare.com.



Sarah Edelstein