OWA Haircare’s Sustainable Powder Hair Wash Approaches Launch with Support from Precursor Ventures

OWA Haircare’s Sustainable Powder Hair Wash Approaches Launch with Support from Precursor Ventures

Precursor Ventures invests in OWA Haircare to launch their innovative powder shampoo.

NEW YORK — October 25th, 2018 — OWA Haircare, Inc. gains support of San Francisco based venture capital fund Precursor Ventures as they approach the launch of their first product. Earlier this year OWA Haircare, Inc. announced their investment from RIT Venture Fund I, LLC.

OWA Haircare is an emerging beauty company that develops sustainable hair products by “thinking outside the bottle.” Moondust Hair Wash, this planet’s most innovative shampoo, is a powder that functions like a liquid when hydrated with water. Conventional liquid shampoo is typically around 80% water. Moondust Hair Wash is 0% water. “Sustainability does not have to mean compromise,” said Kailey Bradt, Founder and CEO. “However, building a sustainable business does take capital to reach the point of no-compromise to the consumer. Charles has seen the vision of OWA from the very beginning and believes in our team to make it happen. Having the fund’s support, especially pre-revenue, speaks to the mission of the fund itself.”

Charles Hudson, Managing Partner of Precursor Ventures, commented, “Kailey and the team at OWA Haircare have an exciting vision for a world where beauty products are sustainable for the environment and effective for the consumer. I’m very excited about the upcoming launch of Moondust Hair Wash and the other products that are in the pipeline. Kailey is an impressive entrepreneur whose background combines the science and consumer insights needed to bring this product to market and I am proud to back her in bringing her vision to market.”

“There are financial barriers for new brands in the cosmetic industry when sourcing sustainable materials that we will now have the opportunity to address prelaunch with Precursor’s support. Part of my vision for OWA was not only to create a more sustainable shampoo, but lead innovation in sustainable packaging and merchandise as well.” says Bradt.

OWA Haircare’s first product Moondust Hair Wash will be available in the coming months.


OWA Haircare is the beauty company of the future. Unlike any other products to exist, OWA Haircare develops products that are free of water. They are also free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, as well as artificial colors and fragrances. Liquid shampoo is typically around 80% water. OWA’s hair wash is 0% water. OWA Haircare provides high quality, sustainable, and innovative haircare solutions for Planet Earth and beyond. For more information on OWA Haircare and our “Out of this World Amazing” products, visit https://owahaircare.com.


Precursor Ventures invests in people over product at the earliest stage of the entrepreneurial journey. It is their belief that all entrepreneurs, regardless of background, benefit from having an institutional investor to help them scale and grow their company from the very beginning. They have built the entire firm around this premise that helping entrepreneurs get started and scale will be their life’s work. For more information visit their website at https://precursorvc.com/.


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