The future of haircare.



Our mission is to provide high quality, sustainable & convenient
haircare solutions for Planet Earth & beyond. 


Meet the first line of waterless haircare.

We’ve developed powders that hydrate with water to form the liquid products you know and love.


Why waterless?

Let’s start by talking about shampoo. Liquid shampoo is on average between 70% and 80% water. That’s not environmentally sustainable. It doesn’t make sense to package mostly water and ship it all over the World. Not to mention, there is no way we are going to take gallons of liquid shampoo to Mars. As an alternative, we are definitely not getting rid of our luscious locks. So, we decided to create a high quality alternative to traditional liquid haircare products.



Why start with shampoo?

Shampoo is the most frequently used hair product. Being mostly water and therefore mostly unsustainable since we have water in our showers anyways, we decided to not use it in our formula. We were also frustrated with the inconvenience of traveling with it. Shampoo is necessary. We can’t travel without it. We figured you couldn’t either. So we came up with a better way to travel with our mission critical components.

The Moondust Collection

Coming soon.

Meet the Moondust Collection. The most innovative haircare on this planet. The first arrivals of the collection are the Moondust Hair Wash and Conditioner Duo. Experience the future of haircare with our natural, vegan, cruelty-free products. It’s also free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, artificial colors & fragrances. Most importantly, they’re free of water.