Liquid shampoo is 80% water.

Meet our powder-to-lather shampoos. Our patent-pending formulas are delivered without the water, giving you shampoo that lasts 4X the washes. Always clean, vegan & cruelty free.

Moondust Collection: Hair Wash

Powder-to-lather shampoo for everyday use.

Moondust Collection: Hair Wash Mini

1 Mini = 1 Bottle of Liquid Shampoo

Moondust Collection Unscented: Hair Wash

Same Hair Wash formula, minus the fragrance.

Zoom Clean Hair, Clean Planet Kit
Zoom Clean Hair, Clean Planet Kit
Zoom Clean Hair, Clean Planet Kit
Zoom Clean Hair, Clean Planet Kit

Clean Hair, Clean Planet Kit

$49.00 Regular price $59.00

The Clean Hair, Clean Planet Kit was designed with the planet in mind.


The kit includes: Moondust Collection: Hair Wash + Less Baggage Tiny Tote +  Crystal Blue Comb .


How we ship it. In a 100% recycled paper box sealed with eco-friendly kraft paper tape stuffed with space gray crinkle paper. We put that in a 100% recycled plastic sleeve, so you can unpack and gift with no extra wrapping materials.


Point is, we did our best to make this as planet-friendly as possible and when you order it’s up to you to make sure this material ends up where it should. Reuse before you recycle. But, if you’re recycling, the plastic bag can be recycled with plastic films (usually collected at grocery stores) and the rest can be recycled curbside with you paper recycling or at a paper recycling drop off point. Remember, reuse > recycle. 

1 Hair Wash Bottle

equals 4 Bottles of Liquid Shampoo.